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Quartz Crystal DIP
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Dual-Inline-Package (DIP)Quartz crystals or Quartz Crystals Through Hole Type.

  • X49UX49U: Size: 13.2x4.34mm
  • X49SX49S: Size: 10.2x4.65mm
    Frequency: 3.2Mhz~87.5Mhz
  • XUM-1XUM-1: Size: 8x7.9mm
    Frequency: 6Mhz~200Mhz
  • XUM-5XUM-5: Size: 6x7.9mm
    Frequency: 8Mhz~200Mhz
  • XC38XC38: Size: 3.0x8.0mm
    Frequency: 3.579Mhz~27Mhz
Quartz Crystal SMD
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Surface Mount Devices (SMD) Quartz Crystals Type

  • XM75XM75: Size: 7x5mm
  • XM63XM63: Size: 6x3.5mm
    Frequency: 10Mhz~45Mhz
  • XM53XM53: Size: 5x3.2mm
    Frequency: 8Mhz~150Mhz
  • XN42XN42: Size: 4x2.5mm
    Frequency: 12Mhz~150Mhz
  • XN32XN32: Size: 3.2x2.5mm
    Frequency: 12Mhz~150Mhz
  • XQ22XQ22: Size: 2.5x2.0mm
    Frequency: 16Mhz~60Mhz
  • XQ21XQ21: Size: 2.0x1.6mm
    Frequency: 24Mhz~60Mhz
  • X49SMX49SM: Size: 12.7x4.8mm
    Frequency: 3.5Mhz~80Mhz
Crystal Oscillators
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Crystal Oscillators Type


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